About Us

OMAK MAKİNA KALIP SAN. (Omak Machinery Mold Industry) was established by Mr. Oğuz KAYA  who was graduated from Gazi University, Mechanical engineering  department, in Eskişehir in 1999.

The firm produced mold and machinery parts and sub production  for the firms located in its region since its first establishing years, then in oncoming years, it entered into Hydraulic-pneumatic sector with its brand and continued its development through manufacturing of “Hydraulic Pipe  clamps” manufacturing.

The firm that is still producing standard “ Hydraulic pipe clamps” and every kind of special clamps manufacturing in industrial area applications, provides service to its customers on, ship hydraulic, energy lines, pressured air lines, heavy duty machines, agriculturel machines, successful and safe installation at hydraulic and industrial applications, manufacturing capacity based to its manufacturing technology.

 Omak machine is one of the leading and fast growing companies in its sector in Turkey with its machinery and technologic structure, qualified and skilled. 

Omak Hydraulic pipe clams assist to remove shocks and vibrations at long and multi pipes hydraulic installations. It minimizes sound and leakage risks.

We renewed our web site in order to provide better service.

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